Corporate report

Dstl Environmental Sustainability Policy Statement

This policy statement supports the overarching Dstl corporate policies in relation to social responsibility and safety, health, environment and fire.



Dstl recognises that our activities can have both negative and positive impact on the environment, people and wider communities. In the delivery of our vision, we need to ensure that environmental, social and economic impacts are fully considered when taking decisions so that the laboratory remains ‘fit for purpose’ both now and in the future.

To deliver our vision of the future and in line with MOD environmental sustainability priorities, we will embed ‘environmental and sustainability thinking’ into our everyday activities and require our partners and suppliers to do the same. This will ensure that this mind set is fully incorporated into all aspects of our science and technology business. Our success will be measured by the degree to which ‘environment and sustainability management’ is fully embedded into the way every one of us works.

Policy statement

  • As a minimum, this policy requires that Dstl will fulfil its compliance obligations associated with its environmental aspects (hazards) and associated environmental and sustainability risks and opportunities. However, Dstl is committed to going beyond simple compliance by:

  • Continually improving the environmental management systems that mitigate our direct environmental impact, reduce our use of natural resources including our use of water, reduce our waste production and prevent pollution on our estate.

  • Understanding the impacts we have on the environment around us through our activities and our use of resources and commit to minimising negative impacts for the benefit of all within the financial constraints of the business and without compromising critical work that supports the security of the nation.

  • Establishing environmental and sustainability objectives that take account of our significant environmental aspects, compliance objectives and other identified risks and opportunities. These will be periodically reviewed, documented within our environment and sustainability objectives and be communicated to staff and to others on request.

  • Reducing carbon emissions from our operations by investing in energy efficient buildings and technology, improving our energy management, managing our business travel and influencing colleague’s behaviour.

  • Ensuring opportunities for conservation and enhancement of biodiversity are taken wherever possible.

  • Embedding environmental and sustainability considerations into business decisions, which will include the application of, as a minimum, DREAM in the design and major refurbishment of our building stock.

  • Raising our workforces’ awareness of Dstl’s environmental and sustainability risks and opportunities, influencing and encouraging environmental and sustainable behaviours and identifying and providing appropriate training to enable them to play a full role in implementing this policy.

  • Seek opportunities to work with our supply chain to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, addressing as a minimum, UK government procurement policy, but exploiting other opportunities identified by us and our suppliers where practical.

  • Work with national and local government and the communities around us to achieve these objectives.

This policy supports the wider environment and sustainability aspirations of the UK government and that of the Ministry of Defence.

Published 22 March 2018