Policy paper

Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes (DOTAS) – draft forms AAG6 and AAG7

Draft forms AAG6 and AAG7 are being published for comment following the 2014 consultation.



Finance Act 2015 introduced a new requirement on employers to provide the DOTAS Scheme Reference Number (SRN) which they receive from the scheme promoter on form AAG6, to any employees involved in the avoidance to which that number applies. New form AAG7 has been designed for this purpose.

The existing form AAG6, which is used by promoters to notify clients of the SRN has been revised to make it clearer how the client must report the SRN and other information on their tax return (or, in specified circumstances, on form AAG4); and that failure to report the SRN correctly will render the person liable to a significant penalty

Both forms also include information about avoidance generally to ensure that recipients of the form understand the risks of engaging in tax avoidance.

Use of these forms is mandatory and failing to use them to pass information to other parties also renders the person liable to significant penalties.

Following any changes to the forms as a result of comments received, they will be made available on the DOTAS forms page.

Any comments should be emailed by Thursday 13 August 2015.

Published 16 July 2015