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DFID’s Results Framework

Managing and reporting DFID results

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government


DFID’s Results Framework


The increase in DFID’s budget up to 2014/15 will make a significant impact on the lives of poor people. Some of the results that our money will deliver were set out in ‘UK aid: Changing lives, delivering results’ document and ‘DFID’s Strategic Vision for Girls and Women’. Operational Plans set out a fuller set of results we expect to deliver by end 2014/15.

DFID’s Results Framework is a tool that we will use to monitor and manage progress and report publicly on delivery. It sets out the development outcomes we are seeking to contribute to, the actual results we will deliver, and the metrics we will use to measure our organisational effectiveness and efficiency.

This is the first results framework in which we have set out actual development outputs that DFID will deliver against for which we can be held accountable. This marks a significant step forward. By measuring results we get a much better idea of what works and what does not so we can refine our programmes accordingly. We are also able to manage our resources to deliver these results. DFID published the results it has achieved to date against these results commitments for the first time in its Annual Report for 2011/12 and publishes annual updates each year.

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