Transparency data

DfE: ninth statement of new regulation

A summary of the financial impact of regulations introduced by DfE from 1 July to 31 December 2014.



This statement gives an overview of DfE’s success in deregulating the private, voluntary and independent sectors in education and children’s services since January 2011.

It shows the financial impact of new regulations introduced or planned for introduction over a 6-month period. The statement also contains a summary of the costs of compliance with these regulations and DfE’s performance against the ‘one-in, two-out’ framework.

Each new regulation is categorised as:

  • having a cost impact on businesses, defined as ‘in’
  • being part of savings made by modifying or removing existing regulations, defined as ‘out’
  • having equal, or non-monetisable, costs and benefits, defined as ‘zero net’

‘Non-monetisable’ means that a monetary value can’t be put on either the costs or benefits to the organisation.

Published 26 March 2015