DBS Finance: emergency payment procedures

Emergency payment forms and information on how Defence Business Services make emergency payments to suppliers.

This publication was withdrawn on

This guidance is now out of date and has been archived 30 January 2017, as this procedure is no longer in place. Please contact the appropriate commercial branch for guidance on emergency payments.



In the event of a major situation arising that directly affects the DBS, contingency plans to continue invoice payments will be introduced.

Announcements will be placed in the following newspapers:

  • The Times
  • Financial Times
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Independent
  • Guardian
  • Daily Mirror
  • Scotsman

Suppliers should download a copy of the DBS Emergency Payments Form EP01 (or EP08 for Foreign Payments) from links above.

A press announcement will be issued at the end of the emergency informing everyone of the resumption of normal working practices.

Published 10 May 2016