DBS filtering guide

Filtering identifies and removes protected convictions and cautions so that they are not disclosed on a DBS certificate.



Guidance for employers about the disclosure of criminal records on DBS checks.


  • introduction
  • when did the law change in relation to information being filtered?
  • updating your recruitment application forms in line with changes to the filtering rules
  • what PNC information will be disclosed automatically on a Standard or Enhanced DBS certificate?
  • what other types of information are disclosed on Enhanced DBS certificates?
  • can an employer ask an individual to declare details of all convictions and cautions?
  • completion of section e field 55 on the DBS application form
  • positions where filtering does not apply
  • external guidance
Published 11 June 2013
Last updated 28 October 2023 + show all updates
  1. Guidance has been updated to reflect legislative changes that have come into action from 28 October 2023.

  2. Information updated to reflect changes to filtering rules that will apply to certificates issued on or after 28 November 2020.

  3. Information added about external guidance available from Nacro and Unlock.

  4. Added more information about convictions with multiple offences.

  5. Updated to version 1.4 - added a link to Unlock guidance

  6. Uploaded new version 1.3 with further advice on filtering.

  7. Updated version of the document.

  8. First published.

  9. Updated the document