Scoping report for environmental appraisal of military training on Dartmoor

Scoping report for an environmental appraisal examining the effects of continuing military training on Dartmoor. September 2006.



This scoping report, prepared by Entec UK Limited as part of an environmental appraisal (EA) in September 2006, considers the potential continuing environmental effects from activities associated with current and future military training on Dartmoor Training Area, which lies within Dartmoor National Park.

Scope of the appraisal

The scoping report is the first stage in the appraisal process and its main aim is to identify the effects associated with military activities, which need to be considered in detail (ie ‘scoped-in’) as part of the EA. Effects, which are unlikely to result from military training activities, have been ‘scoped-out’.

Published 30 September 2006