DAO Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Learners wishing to claim recognition of prior learning (RPL) must approach a DAO Centre. The DAO will not deal with RPL claims directly.



Learners wishing to claim RPL should approach a DAO Centre, the DAO do not deal with RPL claims directly.

How to apply for RPL:

  • review the table above to find the DAO qualification which you would like to apply for via RPL
  • complete the ‘DAO RPL Form’ evidencing the details of the claim
  • email/post completed ‘DAO RPL Form’, with supporting evidence, as necessary, to the respective DAO centre.

The DAO centre will then assess your RPL claim and evidence for the respective qualification, to determine whether you meet all the assessment criteria. If successful, you will then be awarded the qualification from the DAO centre.

Published 16 September 2020