Research and analysis

Cyber security labour market research

Organisations are being asked about the employment and training of cyber security professionals to inform UK Government policy.


Ipsos Mori Cyber Security Labour Market Research


Government-funded research on the cyber security labour market is taking place between June and August 2018. The survey aims to understand what issues employers face in employing and training cyber security professionals. Research organisation Ipsos MORI are inviting businesses, public sector organisations and charities to participate via telephone.

Organisations invited to participate

Businesses and public sector organisations across the UK have been selected at random from the Government’s Inter-Departmental Business Register.

Charities have been selected from:

  • Charity Commission database in England and Wales
  • Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator
  • Charity Commission for Northern Ireland

All organisations, even those who have not had any employment or training issues, are included in the survey. This will ensure the findings are representative of all organisations.

Employees asked to participate

Ipsos MORI is inviting the senior person within these organisations, with the most knowledge or responsibility on cyber security to take part. In some organisations this will be a specific individual or Head of Department. In other organisations it may be the business owner or one of the charity trustees. Participating individuals and organisations will be anonymous. No technical IT knowledge is required to take part.

Participants will be invited via phone from Ipsos MORI’s Edinburgh office on 0131 561 4532.

Survey methodology

Individuals who agree to participate on behalf of their organisations will take part in a telephone interview with an Ipsos MORI employee. The interview will take roughly 15 minutes at a time that is convenient to the participant.

Published 13 July 2018