Independent report

Cyber-physical infrastructure

An independent vision from the UK’s Robotics Growth Partnership for a new cyber-physical infrastructure to accelerate innovation.



The Robotics Growth Partnership is an independent advisory body established by government in 2019 with the aim of putting the UK at the cutting edge of the global smart robotics revolution, boosting economic productivity and unlocking benefits across society.

This vision document outlines how a connected ecosystem of virtual and physical infrastructure would help drive faster, cheaper and lower risk innovation in smart robotics as well as other technology areas and across sectors.

It sets out how the development of a cyber-physical infrastructure incorporating connected physical infrastructure and innovation environments (such as testbeds and living labs) and digital tools and platforms (including synthetic environments such as digital twins and simulation and emulation tools) could help develop new solutions to solving real problems in sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare or logistics.

Published 11 February 2022