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Creating a culture to sustain high apprenticeship performance

Ofsted good practice example showing how the Ministry of Defence (RAF) successfully created an ambitious culture in apprenticeships.

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This good practice example has been withdrawn as it is older than 3 years and may no longer reflect current policy.



This good practice example shows how the Ministry of Defence (RAF) has successfully created an ambitious and highly aspirational culture within its apprenticeship programme.

Senior commanders have achieved this by embedding a shared set of core institutional values known as RISE (respect, integrity, service and excellence) that cover every aspect of the RAF’s day-to-day activities. The culture embedded through RISE successfully prepares younger staff and recent recruits for their working life, helping them to excel in their training and equipping them well to secure promotion.

As a result, apprenticeships are highly valued by leaders at all levels in the RAF as a means of ensuring that staff are well trained and that training meets the needs of both the apprentices and the Service.

Published 19 November 2015