Counter corruption and reporting wrongdoing

Rules and guidance for prison and probation staff on tackling wrongdoing and corruption.



HM Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) oversees a proud and professional prison and probation service. It drives a culture of professional standards and is committed to addressing wrongdoing sensitively and fairly, and at the earliest stage, preventing it escalating into corruption. Where corruption does take place, HMPPS will provide a robust response through this Policy Framework.

This Policy Framework sets out the requirements for prison and probation staff and clarifies:

  • the definition of corruption and how it can manifest in prison and probation services
  • the mandatory processes and procedures to tackle corruption
  • the remit and responsibilities of staff and teams with dedicated counter corruption roles
  • the relationship between counter corruption processes and relevant HR procedures and contract management
  • the relationship between counter corruption processes, procedures and other policies and requirements (e.g. safeguarding, Intelligence Collection, Management and Dissemination, Data Protection, Anti-Fraud Policy)
Published 4 May 2019