FOI release

Council Tax properties in the Severn Trent area as at 31 March 2015

Detailing the number of Council Tax properties by property build period and property type by Lower Super Output Area (LSOA).



This is the response to a request for information seeking statistics on the number of Council Tax properties by building type, build period, and Lower Super Output Area (LSOA), for a specific set of LSOAs that broadly correspond to the Severn Trent area.

Counts are rounded to the nearest 10 with counts of zero being reported as “0” and counts fewer than five reported as negligible and denoted by “-“. Totals may not sum due to rounding. NA denotes ‘Not Applicable’.

The VOA regularly publishes statistics relating to the Council Tax stock of properties, the most recent publication can be found at Council Tax: Stock of properties 2015

Source: VOA’s administrative database as at 31 March 2015 and ONS’s National Statistics Postcode Lookup (NSPL), February 2015 (2015 v1) Edition, Methodology: Method 2.