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Costs relating to expert panel on national curriculum

Breakdown of costs relating to the expert panel on the national curriculum and its report into the framework for the national curriculum.



  • Date requested: 25 Feb 2013
  • Publish date: 22 April 2013


Breakdown of costs involved in relation to the work of the expert panel and its report into the framework for the national curriculum. This should include, but not be limited to, payments to panel members, provision of staffing, resources, and associated costs.


The information you requested is set out below.

Fees £280,818
Associated expenses £6,801
Total £287,619

The expert panel was established in August 2010 and it completed its work in December 2011.

It comprised 4 people

  • Professor Mary James
  • Professor Andrew Pollard
  • Professor Dylan William
  • Mr Tim Oates (panel chair)

The panel’s role was to provide the department with advice on the framework for the new national curriculum. Its advice and recommendations were set out in the report which was published in December 2011, at which point the panel’s role came to an end.

The expert panel members spent a total of 342 days on the work of the review and members were paid a fee for this work, which is included in the figures set out above.

In the case of Tim Oates, the Department reimbursed his employer, Cambridge Assessment, for the pro rata cost of his salary. In the case of the other members of the panel they were paid rates which were well within the sums allowed under the Government Rate Card for consultancy.

Associated expenses relate to travel and subsistence.

It has not been possible to make an accurate estimate of the support provided to the expert panel by civil servants. This is because support to the panel was part of the overall work of relevant civil servants and cannot be separately quantified.

Published 19 September 2013