FOI release

Corporate window-cleaning contract information

An information request and disclosure relating to window-cleaning contracts at the Department for Education.



  • Date requested: 02 August 2010
  • Publish date: 13 August 2010
  • Updated 10 November 2010


Can the department provide information on its corporate group buildings window-cleaning contract, or contracts in Greater London?

  1. What is the (annual) cost of window cleaning (ex. VAT) for the department’s contract, or contracts in Greater London?

  2. When were the corporate window cleaning contracts awarded and to whom in Greater London?

  3. When are the next review date(s) in Greater London?

  4. Where and what date/month/year will the department be advertising future contracts for window cleaning in Greater London?

  5. What will be the type of buildings and how many of them (approximately) are in the window cleaning contract(s) in Greater London?

  6. If the main window cleaning contract is within the department’s accommodation and building services contract, please state and then confirm if it would allow an SME supplier to tender separately for the window cleaning lot in Greater London?

  7. Is there a telephone contact number and email of the procurement
    office/officer that would deal with this in the future?


The contract for office cleaning and associated services, including window cleaning, was awarded to Mitie Cleaning & Support Services and this commenced on 1 April 2008.

The services contract is under continuous review but no later than March 2012.

Re-advertising of the services contract will depend on the outcome of the review process but will be no later than April 2014.

The Department for Education has one single property in London that is a commercial office building.

Window cleaning is incorporated into our contract for the delivery of office cleaning services and waste management at all four Department for Education headquarter properties in London, Runcorn, Sheffield and Darlington. It is unlikely that the services would be unbundled and opened up to suppliers of window cleaning services only.

At the present time we do not have a specific contact who would deal with this in the future.

Published 13 August 2010