Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing for adult day care centre workers and service users

Sets out how eligible adult day care centres in England can order, test and register regular PCR and lateral flow tests for all staff and service users.

Applies to England



You can use the new version of the record-keeping multiple registration spreadsheet. This will let you register both PCR test kits and rapid lateral flow tests at the same time.

Ensure you only use the most recent version of the multiple upload spreadsheet to register coronavirus (COVID-19) tests for your organisation.

You can register up to 100 tests on the spreadsheet. You’ll need to complete separate spreadsheets for staff and non-staff.

Organisations can still upload their testing data using the self-registration route. This is an additional option and does not replace the self-reporting routes.

You will need to read the guidance and download the multiple registration spreadsheet to record the details of people you’ve tested for COVID-19 on that day.

NHS Test and Trace is offering PCR and rapid lateral flow testing to adult day care centre staff and service users in England. We are offering routine testing to reduce infection risk in open adult day care centres and to identify any positive cases in these settings as early as possible.

Eligible day care centres are those that are open and run by paid day care staff. Services must be for adults over 18 and provided within non-residential care settings that support the health and wellbeing of adults. This includes settings such as:

  • purpose-built day care centres
  • day centres attached to or part of a care home or supported living
  • other buildings in communities specifically used for regular adult day care

Day care centre managers can order PCR and lateral flow tests online using their unique organisation number (UON).

To get a UON, day care centre managers can register their eligible centre on the self-referral portal. See the guidance document on this page for further information.

See the coronavirus (COVID-19) testing for adult social care (ASC) settings page for our detailed guidance documents:

  • on-site testing for adult social care services: rapid lateral flow test guide
  • step-by-step guide for ASC staff to self-test using rapid lateral flow tests
  • rapid lateral flow testing in ASC settings: an overview
  • coronavirus (COVID-19) testing: terms and conditions
  • coronavirus (COVID-19) self-test for staff, service users and visitors in adult social care settings: privacy notice

For accessible instructions on lateral flow testing, please see the rapid lateral flow home test instructions.

Published 18 February 2021
Last updated 20 January 2022 + show all updates
  1. Updated to reflect removal of confirmatory PCR after a positive LFT – and updated advice on testing within 90 days of a positive result.

  2. Amended 'Testing within 90 days of a positive result' section.

  3. Updated 'Testing within 90 days of a positive result' guidance.

  4. Updated the guidance in 'Regular testing for adult day care centres in England' on what constitutes a contact and the appropriate procedures in health and social care settings.

  5. Updated to reflect changes that coronavirus test results can now be uploaded in bulk.

  6. Updated to reflect that rapid lateral flow tests are now available to adult day care centre workers and service users.

  7. Updated wording on main page to reflect current COVID-19 rules.

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