Research and analysis

Consolidating and developing the evidence base and research for community pharmacy’s contribution to public health

A progress report from Task Group 3 of the Pharmacy and Public Health Forum.



In July 2011, in response to proposals from the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer and professional leaders in public health and pharmacy, Ministers established the Pharmacy and Public Health Forum to bring together pharmacy and public health interests.

One of the initial priorities for the Forum, identified by Ministers, was to evaluate and strengthen the evidence base for community pharmacy’s potential contribution to public health.This report provides an update on progress made, particularly in relation to

  • describing those aspects of delivering public health in a pharmacy setting that may be subject to research or evaluation
  • an appropriate high level scoping exercise of existing summaries or reviews of relevant evidence (including in the grey literature and including international experience)
  • advising the forum on potential gaps in the evidence base that would be amenable to research, with a view to informing research commissioning undertaken by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).
Published 16 January 2014