Code of Good Agricultural Practice for reducing ammonia emissions

This Code of Good Agricultural Practice (COGAP) provides best practice guidance for reducing ammonia emissions from farms in England.



This information explains the practical steps farmers, growers, land managers, advisors and contractors in England can take to minimise ammonia emissions from farms. Recommended measures include ways of storing and applying organic manures, ways of applying fertilisers, and modifications to livestock diet and housing.

By following these practical steps farmers will help to reduce emissions of ammonia. This is a key air pollutant that can have significant effects on both human health and the environment. Some of the measures can also save farmers money by retaining nitrogen and getting more value from fertiliser.

This information has been written by Defra in collaboration with the farming industry.

Any enquiries regarding this publication should be sent to us at:

Air Quality and Industrial Emissions Team
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
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Published 27 July 2018