Circular 017/2014: police pensions – transfer of service and added years

Sets out the position in relation to transfers of service and to added years so that police pension scheme members can initiate action if they wish.



  • broad subject: police service
  • sub category: police pensions
  • implementation date: 12/10/2014
  • from: Crime and Policing Group (CPG) – policing directorate, police workforce and efficiency unit
  • for more information contact: police pensions team at
  • addressed to: chief police officers of England and Wales
  • copies sent to: Police and Crime Commissioners


1.You will be aware that the Police Pension Scheme 2015 will come into effect on 01/04/2015. The purpose of this circular is to set out the position in relation to transfers of service and to added years so that police pension scheme members can initiate action if they so choose. This circular may apply to members who have service in another pension scheme which could be transferred in and to members who may be eligible to purchase added years in the 2006 scheme. Forces are requested to make every effort to make this information available to all police pension scheme members.


2.If you are due to move into the 2015 scheme, and if you have service in another pension scheme, and if you were a member, or eligible to be a member of a police pension scheme on 01/04/2012, you may be able to transfer that service in to the police scheme. You must do so before the date you are due to move into the new scheme which will be 01/04/2015 unless you have tapered protection. Service transferred can then count as service in the existing schemes and may then qualify a member for full or tapered transitional protection or extend the period of tapering. Where service is transferred in and there are differing amounts of qualifying service and reckonable service then it is the reckonable service which will be used to determine protection.

3.The procedure for transferring service into the police pension scheme may vary slightly depending on the pension administrator. The overall process however is that a member who wishes to pursue a transfer will approach the relevant administrator who will advise on eligibility and if appropriate will arrange a quote giving details of the amount of service which would be involved. The member will then decide if he or she wishes to proceed and sign the appropriate discharge form. It is this part of the process which must be concluded before 31/03/2015. There may be exceptional circumstances where this condition may be varied if, for example, the administrator is at fault for delay in the provision of a quote.

Added years

4.If you are in the 2006 scheme and would be unable to build up 35 years’ pensionable service before age 55, you may be eligible to purchase added years in the scheme if your next birthday falls no later than 31/03/2015. Added years arrangements which are initiated before that date will be able to continue after the new scheme is introduced in April 2015. If you wish to consider this option or wish to enquire about eligibility you should approach your pension administrator.

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Published 9 October 2014