CHP Outreach workshops - 2015 presentations

A collection of presentations from speakers at the 2015 CHP Outreach workshops in London and Manchester



Programme: Reducing Energy Costs With Combined Heat & Power

On behalf of the Department of Energy & Climate Change, CHPQA held two Combined Heat and Power outreach workshops in;

  • London: Tuesday 10th March 2015 and
  • Manchester: Thursday 12th March 2015

The aim of these workshops was to raise awareness and knowledge about the benefits of Combined Heat and Power and District Heating and Cooling Networks. The workshops are specifically designed for Local Authority planning officers, environment, energy and sustainability managers from County, District, Borough and City Councils, Directors of Environment, Housing and Planning (for public buildings).

The workshop presented the opportunity to learn about advantages of CHP and heat networks, different CHP technologies and CHP potential in the public sector. Information about social benefits, economic benefits and available Government support for CHP and heat networks were presented. The presentations delivered during the workshops are available above.

Published 16 March 2015