Chile: consular fees

List of fees for consular information in Chile.



Costs shown are in British pounds £GBP. To convert a fee to the local currency, use the current consular exchange rate.

Fee number Consular service Cost in £GBP
2 Preparing any certificate, declaration or document not listed on this page:  
(i) in English £50
(ii) in any other language £50
4 Administering an oath, declaration or affirmation £50
6 Certifying a copy of a document £25


Fee number Consular service Cost in £GBP
9 Administering an oath of British Citizenship under the British Nationality Act 1981 £100

Births, marriages, civil partnerships and deaths

Fee number Consular service Cost in £GBP
10 Receiving notice of an intended marriage, civil partnerships or overseas relationship £50
11 Issuing a certificate that no impediment to an intended marriage or civil partnership has been shown to exist, or issuing any local document for an intended marriage or overseas relationship:  
(i) in English £50
(ii) in any other language £50
12 Solemnising and administering oaths for Consular marriage; or registering or converting a civil partnership into marriage £150
15 Issuing a certified copy of an entry in the consular register £50

Emergency assistance

Fee number Consular service Cost in £GBP
19 Administering an application for, and if successful providing, an Emergency Travel Document and in addition to direct costs, if any £100
20 Exceptionally, administering an application for, and, if successful providing an Emergency Passport, on emergency occasions when not possible to provide an Emergency Travel Document (in addition to direct costs, if any) £75

Other services

Fee number Consular service Cost in £GBP
22 Providing the services of a consular officer or a consular employee in relation to any other service which the consular post or diplomatic mission has agreed to undertake, for each hour or part hour (to include travel time if performed away from the consular premises) and in addition to direct costs, if any £150

For information / disclaimer

These fees are levied under the Consular Fee Order 2012 as amended. An official receipt should be obtained for all payments made or consular services.

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