Keeping farmed animals – form

Central point recording centre for sheep: application

Form for a premises to apply for approval to operate as a central point recording centre for sheep and goats electronic identification.



This form applies to markets, abattoirs and collection centres in England and Wales who wish to provide the service of central point recording centres (CPRCs) for sheep and goat keepers. These premises must be approved by Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

CPRCs can read the individual information of electronically identified (EID) sheep and goats on behalf of keepers who move their animals from holdings to these premises.

The centre provides a copy of this data to the keeper to complete the animal movement information in their holding registers and meet the recording requirements of The Sheep and Goats (Records, Identification and Movement) (England) Order 2009 and The Sheep and Goats (Records, Identification and Movement) (Wales) Order 2009

APHA also works with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in England and Wales on approving abattoirs who wish to provide this service for keepers moving electronically identified sheep to slaughter. The local authority will work with the applicant on a contingency plan, if required.

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