Carbon literacy e-learning resource

A free carbon literacy e-learning resource from the Defra-led National Sustainable Public Procurement Programme (NSPPP).


Carbon literacy e-learning resource


This resource helps to develop awareness and understanding of the terminology and principles associated with the greenhouse effect and climate change.

It is freely available to employees across the private and public sectors.

It was developed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra); the Department of Health (DH); National Health Service (NHS) bodies; and the European Union (EU)-funded ‘Clear About Carbon’ project. Defra worked with a group of businesses of varying size to ensure the materials are engaging and fit for purpose.

The course takes about 4 hours in total, but the system will record your progress so it is easy to drop in and out as you wish.

If there are any problems with logging in, please contact John Britain at or call 0115 848 3050.

Published 2 January 2014