Independent report

CAPE: Behaviour Change (‘Nudge’) Insights in Equalities Policy

Report from a GEO/ESRC KEF project on Behaviour Change in Equalities



This is the final report to GEO by a Knowledge Exchange Fellowship on Behaviour Change approaches to equalities policy commissioned by GEO and the ESRC in 2012. The Complementary and Alternative Pathways to Equality (CAPE) project was conducted over the course of 2013.

Included in the final report are a review of the theory, policy examples from equalities and wider policy making and regulation, as well as a toolkit for policy makers interested in using Behaviour Change approaches. Findings of the project were presented to DCMS policy makers in November 2013.

As the fellow, Prof Shamit Saggar was responsible for conducting the project, with administrative support from GEO and DCMS analysis teams. The final report represents the views of the fellow.

Published 27 February 2014