Cambodia: consular fees

List of fees for consular services in Cambodia.



Costs shown are in British pounds £GBP. To convert a fee to the local currency, use the current consular exchange rate.

Published 19 March 2013
Last updated 7 October 2022 + show all updates
  1. Annual review of consular services offered.

  2. Removed consular services: 6. Certifying a copy of a document 7. Uniting documents and marking of exhibits

  3. Updated attachment.

  4. Updated consular fee table and reference to FCO consular fee exchange rate added in body

  5. Updated consular fees

  6. Fee updated

  7. Consular fee attachment has been updated to the most recent one.

  8. New attachment of updated consular fee for June 2019

  9. Updated list of consular fees

  10. Updated table of consular feeds

  11. Updated consular fees list 2017/18

  12. New fees from April 2016

  13. update consular fee

  14. First published.