Call for proposals: Conflict Pool 2013-2014

Please use this Concept Note form when submitting your bid. Forms should be no longer than 3 pages.


Conflict Pool Concept Note


The British Embassy, Tel Aviv is pleased to announce a call for proposals for projects which would contribute to achievement of our Conflict Pool objectives, as set out below. The Conflict Pool supports the achievement of ‘a just resolution to the Middle East Peace Process’. The Conflict Pool is a joint instrument between Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs). This call for proposals is for projects to be managed by the Embassy to Israel only, and bids from Israeli implementers will be given priority.

A. Overview:

UK mission statement for the Conflict Pool:

The Conflict Pool (CP) will support the UK’s overarching goal of achieving a just and lasting resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the ending of the Occupation by a negotiated settlement. This will entail an agreement on the borders of the two states based on the 1967 lines with equivalent, agreed land swaps; agreements on security which respect Palestinian sovereignty while protecting the security of Israel; a just and agreed solution to the refugee question; and a negotiated resolution of Jerusalem as the future capital of both states. In 2013/14, CP will contribute to the following objectives identified by NSC Ministers which remain valid for the coming year:

  • Prevent a deterioration in the situation on the ground and maintain the viability of the Two State Solution;

  • Continue to invest in Palestinian state-building;

  • Promote a renewed push on negotiations in 2013;

UK policy objectives are based on a continued assessment that a negotiated Two State Solution remains the most viable way to achieve a sustainable peace that protects the interests of Israelis and Palestinians, and that promotes wider regional conflict resolution and stability. The UK’s assessment remains that the Two State Solution is still achievable, but the window is closing, and it is crucial to move negotiations forward. It is imperative in this context to attempt to prevent a deterioration on the ground, including major settlement expansion, the collapse of the PA, a hardening of decision-makers’ and public attitudes to the peace process on both sides, a return to violence, and to maintain and continue to develop Palestinian readiness for statehood.

B. UK Conflict Pool Objectives:

  • Preserve the viability of the 2 State Solution, reduce the impact of the occupation;

  • Support & strengthen constituencies for peace;

  • Reduce tension and discrimination between Arab and Jewish Citizens In Israel;

C. Guidelines:

  • Please read the Overview in Section A, and refer to the objectives in Section B, before deciding whether it is relevant for you to apply;

  • Please use the concept note template provided, 3 pages maximum;

  • The last date for submissions is May 31st 2013;

  • This is a competitive process. Criteria for judging are:

    • Relevance to objective/s;
    • Demonstration of potential to deliver impact, and whether that impact can be measured;
    • Value for money;

Bids should range from £30,000 to £100,000. Please note that successful projects will likely run from 1 July 2013 to 31st March 2014. Successful concept notes will receive a reply within 3 weeks of submission, following which full bids will be solicited and evaluated separately.

Due to the high number of anticipated submissions, unsuccessful concept notes will not receive a reply.

If you do not hear from the Embassy 3 weeks after your submission, please accept this as meaning that your bid has not been successful this time.

Please send your applications to:

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