Call for bids – Improved conditions for peaceful elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo, through support to justice sector reform, facilitation of dialogue mechanisms and promotion of human rights

The British Embassy Kinshasa (BEK) is now accepting project proposals for the 2018/2019 financial year (April 2018-March 2019).


Project proposal form Elections

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This year BEK is seeking to implement a project in DRC that focuses on the following thematic area:

  • Improved conditions for peaceful elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo, through support to justice sector reform, facilitation of dialogue mechanisms and promotion of human rights.

We are working towards peaceful and credible elections in DRC in December 2018. Part of this involves supporting safety nets to help protect human rights of all Congolese. We are particularly interested in project proposals aiming towards the following outcomes:

  1. Measurably increased capacity of lawyers to support any victims that might suffer elections-related human rights violations.

  2. Measurably increased capacity of judicial system to bring any perpetrators of elections-related human rights violations to justice, and increased likelihood of legitimate convictions.

Bid Guidance:

• Projects are funded for a single financial year running from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019, with no expectation of continued funding beyond this period. Projects should plan to spend 90% by the end of November 2018 with 100% spend by the end of February 2019

• Minimum budget limit: $10 000

• Maximum budget limit: $154,000


Bids and implementing partners will be assessed against the following criteria:

• Alignment with the above mentioned thematic priorities and outcomes

• A strong track record of successful project delivery in DRC. Ability to draw on previous lessons learned to mitigate against unintended consequences of interventions

• Outcomes are achievable within the funding period

• Project design includes clear monitoring and evaluation procedures

• Sustainability plan, demonstrating that project benefits continue after the funding ends

• Risk and financial accountability procedures

• The organisation’s safeguarding policies that ensure protection of beneficiaries

• Overall value for money

Applications should also note that:

• We require monitoring reports throughout the project, including financial reports. At the end of a project, we require a completion report, including a detailed financial report.

• Duty of care for all staff and participants in project activities shall lie with the project implementer.

• Payments are normally made quarterly. Payments are made after the completion of project activities. Advance payments are not usually possible.

• Bids should include active consideration of gender inequality. This includes by ensuring that where possible women are offered places in project activities, and included in training and consultative panels.

• Project bids should ensure that the services are designed and implemented in a manner that respects international human rights norms and are implemented in accordance with the ‘do no harm’ principle.


  1. Project proposals must be received by 23:59 GMT on Monday 21st May. Late proposals will not be considered.

  2. Proposals must be submitted using the attached forms only (Project Proposal and Activity Based Budget). Please note the figures in the Activity Based Budget are for demonstration purposes only. You should replace these with your own activity-based budget plan.

  3. Proposals must be submitted to, copying


Laurence Bushige, Projects Officer,

Please Note: Due to the volume of bids expected, we will be unable to provide feedback on unsuccessful bids.

Published 3 May 2018