Transparency data

Cabinet Office workforce management data 2019 to 2020

These monthly reports provide staff numbers and costs for the Cabinet Office.


Cabinet Office headcount and payroll data for April 2019


Cabinet Office publishes details about headcount and payroll costs for permanent staff and contractors on a monthly basis.

It also includes non-consolidated performance-related pay data.

These figures are not official statistics. They are internal workforce management information published in the interests of transparency.

These figures have not been reconciled centrally with any national statistics. Where differences appear between the monthly information and national statistics, clarifying comments are provided.

The ONS quarterly public sector employment survey continues to provide an official headline measure for comparing the overall size of employment in central government organisations with other sectors of the economy at the relevant quarterly reference point.

Given the wide range of organisations covered, use caution when drawing inferences from the figures and when making comparisons between organisations. Refer to any additional commentary and notes where these are provided.

Published 7 June 2019