Business support evaluation framework

The expected standards for business support evaluation, ensuring comparability across programmes is maximised.



High quality evaluation provides an understanding of what works, how, and for whom, and whether programmes have met their objectives. It enables an understanding of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to achieve outcomes, and forms the cornerstone of evidence-based policy making, leading to better decisions on current and future policies.

Evaluation of business support activity funded by BEIS is expected to adhere to this framework, whether current or future initiatives. The framework is designed for:

  • policy makers
  • analysts
  • evaluators
  • delivery bodies

so that they

  • understand the standards expected
  • maximise comparability across programmes

It is used to plan and deliver a number of evaluations such as the Business Basics funded projects, the ‘Be the Business’ programmes and any future business support programmes.

Published 23 January 2019