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BRP requirements and replacement procedures

Biometric residence permits requirements and replacement procedures.



FOI release 29023

  1. The significance of storing place of birth on biometric card (BRP card).

  2. In case the place of birth is misspelled, do individuals need to apply for the renewal of the BRP card? Will it fall under “change of situation” category.

  3. What if the situation is not changed and the mistake was done by the issuing authority? What would be the category in that case.

  4. Biometric card replacement form in the current state does not cater for a situation where place of birth is wrong. “Section 2 - Applicant’s Details” is the only section on the current biometric card replacement form where one can enter place of birth. What is the correct procedure of rectifying the place of birth on the card.

  5. If a person’s ILR is due and the place of birth on biometric card is misspelled. Can this information be rectified during the ILR biometric process or would it have an impact on ILR decision.

The information was released 9 Ocotber 2013.

Published 26 November 2013