Birth registration name confirmation form

A completed name confirmation form is required for consular birth registrations in Japan and South Korea


Name confirmation form


The name entered on a consular birth registration must match the name on a locally-issued birth certificate.

In instances where discrepancies in your child’s name occur, or where the name of your child was not chosen at the time of birth, you must have the relevant documentation reissued by the issuing authority – or make a legal change of name (eg by deed poll).

However, in the case of British nationals born abroad, we can make 3 exceptions:

  1. Where the local naming convention does not allow parents to choose the surname of their child, and the birth certificate shows the child as having the foreign parent’s surname. In this case, we can register the birth with either the British parent’s surname or a double-barrelled surname composed of both parent’s surnames.

  2. Middle names not shown on the locally-issued birth certificate because they are not permissible in the country of birth can be added, but the name order cannot be changed.

  3. A given name that is a clear Anglicisation of the foreign name may be registered (eg John in place of Jean).

Published 9 September 2014