Research and analysis

Barriers and facilitators to pro-social behaviour among young people

An overview of current evidence on pro-social behaviour among young people aged 16 to 19, looking at existing literature.



This report presents findings of a study into the motivations, barriers and facilitators of pro-social activity among young people. The research was intended to establish the existing evidence base in this area and comprised a review of the literature and analysis of available national survey data.

The research was conducted by members of the Centre for Understanding Behaviour Change (CUBeC). The centre exists to deliver evidence and insight into the drivers of behaviour change to inform and improve policy-making. It combines expertise across a wide range of academic disciplines: economics, psychology, neuroscience, sociology, education, and social research. The centre has members at the University of Bristol, IFS, NatCen, Institute of Education, UCL, LSE, Oxford, and Imperial College, and is funded by the department.

Published 26 January 2012