Ayios Nikolaos accommodation

Housing at Ayios Nikolaos.


Housing at Ayios Nikolaos


Ayios Nikolaos station has three estates: Seaforth Estate, Cape Estate and Alexander Court.

Two of the estates comprise of modern semi-detached houses built in 1995, and have central heating installed with solar panels for heating water. The other estate comprises of older houses which have immersion-heated water and portable gas heaters.

Both the Seaforth and Cape estates are located on the station and Alexander Court is located in the village no more than a mile from station.

Three large barrack blocks provide single accommodation with shared ablutions.

Prior to your arrival your room or quarter will have been marched in for you. For those in quarters a get you in pack with bedding, cookware and other necessities will be provided until your household items arrive on the island.

Your sponsor will assist with your initial settlement into Ayios Nikolaos, and help with any questions and paperwork.

Personnel posted to JSSU (Joint Service Signal Unit) but detached to Akrotiri, Episkopi and Troodos will reside in accommodation on their detached units.

Published 1 September 2009