Av live: how to set up and use

Guidance to help set up av live to stream apprenticeship vacancies and traineeship opportunities on your website.



Av live can be easily tailored to show apprenticeship vacancies and traineeship opportunities by sector, job role or provider and location. You can also tailor the design and size of the display to fit in exactly with your site’s own look and feel.

Av live can be set up in less that 5 minutes and you’ll have constantly updating vacancies on your site by simply cutting pasting a single line of code onto your relevant page. You don’t need technical or developer experience, just access to your site’s content management system.

How to set up av live

  1. Work your way through the top level selections (occupation type/job role/location etc) then use the next set of filters to style how it will look on your website.

  2. Click on the + button for advanced options - you can display up to 3 additional fields in the widget and also filter vacancies by a specific provider.

  3. Click ‘generate code’ and check the preview on the right to see if you’re happy, then copy and paste the code onto your own website.

By using av live you are agreeing to the Skills Funding Agency’s terms and conditions.

If you are unable to use the copy code button, your browser Flash plugin may need to be updated.

Published 19 September 2014