Asset sale disclosures: guidance for government

Guidance on the process and contents of disclosures to Parliament detailing the impacts of asset sales.


Asset sale disclosures: guidance for government


This guidance introduces a new process to systematically disclose the impact of asset sales to Parliament. Parliament holds government accountable for the stewardship of the public finances. Efficient management of government assets, which are many multiples of the value of public spending and revenue, contributes to the effective delivery of public services and the long-run sustainability of the public finances. Given that asset sales may affect the management of these assets, they can also impact the delivery of public services and long-run fiscal sustainability.

The asset sales disclosure process has been designed to ensure that the impacts of asset sales are disclosed in a consistent and transparent way to Parliament. This guidance sets out the process for disclosing the impacts of the sale, and details which impacts must be disclosed. This will ensure that good practice is applied consistently across government.

Published 25 March 2019