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Approaches for monitoring the impact of marine plans

Evidence requirement R068: Approaches for monitoring the impact of marine plans



Requirement R068

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) requires information to help refine its approach to monitoring and evaluating marine plans

Requirement detail

The MMO has identified the need to improve how marine plans are monitored and evaluated. It includes assessing the:

  • implementation and monitoring of the South Marine Plan
  • review and reporting requirements of the East Marine Plan
  • development and implementation of the North East, North West, South East and South West Marine Plans

As part of this work the MMO also require a new or improved framework for monitoring and evaluating all marine plans. The framework should build on the outputs of MMO 1087.

A draft version of the framework is required by autumn 2017 for consultation, with a final framework completed by end 2017. The outputs/guidance will be delivered by end 2018.

MMO use

Marine Planning: Continued improvement to the delivery of legal obligations related to monitoring and evaluation of marine plans. It will also inform preparation of iteration 3 of plans for the North East, North West, South East and South West Marine Plans.

External interest:

Natural England, Cefas, JNCC, Environment Agency, devolved administrations

Delivery target:


Published 22 December 2016