Research and analysis

Apprenticeship pay survey 2011

Analyses apprentices' pay in 2011. BIS research paper number 64.


Apprenticeship pay survey 2011


Main report

Analyses apprentices’ pay in 2011. This survey has been conducted twice before in England, most recently in the Apprenticeship pay: 2007 survey of earnings by sector . Past surveys collected data on the pay levels, working hours and training of apprentices and looked at differences by framework and by demographic variables such as gender and age.

The 2011 survey included two new key factors:

  • introducing a national minimum wage for apprentices in October 2010
  • expanding research to cover all four nations of the UK


Responses to the main survey indicated that:

  • 20% of UK apprentices received no training
  • 5% worked fewer than 16 hours per week
  • 5% said they received no pay

This appendix reports on further research that BIS commissioned to better understand the reason for these findings, It explores the experiences of 40 of these apprentices in England.

The appendix was published 17 January 2013.

Published 15 March 2012