Corporate report

Overview of Higher Activity Waste

This document provides details of where higher activity waste arises and how it is being dealt with.



This updated overview of NDA Higher Activity Waste presents summary information on the volumes and forms of HAW in stock and estimated to arise in future from NDA estate activities. Data has been sourced from the 2013 UK Radioactive Waste Inventory and from our Site Licence Companies. The report also includes a summary of total HAW volumes across the UK (from all radioactive waste producers) and an overview of long-term radioactive waste management policy for HAW.

The document is aimed at all organisations and individuals with an interest in HAW. It is also being used to inform the development of the NDA’s strategy for managing HAW, which is due to be finalised in 2016.

The overview report will continue to be updated to reflect any significant changes in waste management plans or to incorporate the latest UK Inventory data.

James McKinney, NDA Head of Integrated Waste Management, said:

This document gives the latest overview of HAW in stock and expected to arise at our sites in future. It also provides information about HAW management across the whole lifecycle, including how the waste is being treated and disposed. We believe it is a valuable summary for stakeholders seeking to understand the nature and quantity of this material, which is extremely diverse and differs from site to site.