Research and analysis

An evaluation of the Statement of Fitness for Work: qualitative research with GPs (RR780)

A report exploring general practitioners' views of the fit note, the change in policy regarding the fit note, and sickness certification.



by Beth Fylan, Fiona Fylan and Lauren Caveney

This report forms part of a programme of evaluation gathering evidence on the use of the Statement of Fitness for Work (fit note). On 6 April 2010 we implemented the fit note across England, Wales and Scotland with the aim of giving individuals and employers access to timely information about when and how sick individuals might return to work.

The research is based on 45 in-depth semi-structured interviews with general practitioners (GPs) between February and May 2011. The report explores GPs’ views of the change in policy, how they prepared to use the fit note and use it during consultations with patients, and their views on their role in sickness certification.