Air manoeuvre (JDN 1/16)

Provides insight for the single services to develop their own lower level doctrine to enhance the UK’s air manoeuvre capability.

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Joint Doctrine Note 1/16: air manoeuvre


Air manoeuvre is a joint activity that can be used in almost any type of crisis, from major combat operations to disaster relief. Air manoeuvre can be conducted tactically, operationally and strategically. It can reach both intra-theatre and inter-theatre with certain types of operations, for example, theatre entry operations being heavily dependent on air manoeuvre.

Air manoeuvre operations draw on numerous resources and are complex to plan and execute. However, air manoeuvre is proven to contribute to speed and agility on operations and can create decisive effects. JDN 1/16 Air manoeuvre, proposes a definition for air manoeuvre; outlines activities and force elements that constitute air manoeuvre and provides some specific considerations for planning and execution.

Published 21 September 2016