FOI release

Action Fraud hotline publicity

Request for publicity given to the Action Fraud telephone number, including internet and digital advertising.



FOI release 26783

  1. The publicity given to the Action Fraud telephone number
  2. Publishing plans of periodical reports on the effectiveness of anti-fraud measures

1.There are 3 strands to current publicity:

The first involves search network advertising on Google and other search engines, to drive traffic directly to the Action Fraud website and online reporting. This enables people searching for keywords related to ‘scams’, ‘cons’, ‘hacking’, ‘viruses’, etc. to be presented with a text ad explaining Action Fraud and taking them straight to the website when they click on it. For example, specific keywords relating to ticket scams (‘fake tickets scam’) will bring up a targeted Action Fraud ad, and this will link to the website with the telephone number.

The second strand of campaign activity involves interactive digital advertising, including ads on YouTube, as well as regional newspaper websites and online shopping sites. These ads are eye-catching and designed to raise awareness of Action Fraud and drive traffic to the website and telephone contact centre. This advertising has been live since the week commencing 25 February 2013.

This online communications activity is part of a larger media and communications strategy developed by the National Fraud Authority (NFA) together with the press offices of the Home Office and City of London Police, including a recent letter to Members of Parliament and police and crime commissioners, designed to raise awareness of Action Fraud. Each police force has been provided with a generic communications strategy with targeted material for both internal and external stakeholders, local and regional media and the commercial/business sector. A great deal of regional media awareness has already been achieved as police forces implemented the service.

2.The NFA publishes ‘Fraud Focus’, a quarterly newsletter, and updates on the Fighting Fraud Together programme.

Published 22 August 2013