Academy transfer of surpluses

This document provides guidance on the transfer from schools to academies of surpluses, deficits and procedural issues for schools.

This publication was withdrawn on

This has been replaced by statutory guidance on academy conversion: surplus and deficit balance transfer process.


Guide to the transfer of surpluses and deficits


When applications for conversion to academy are approved, the Academies Act requires the local authority to pay over the school’s surplus to the academy.

This guide to the transfer of surpluses and deficits outlines the process for transferring accumulated balances to the successor academy.

Academies are not allowed to run a deficit without remedial action agreed with the Education Funding Agency (EFA). Regulations for transferring surpluses for schools converting to academy status are contained in the The Academy Conversions (Transfer of School Surpluses) Regulations 2010.

Published 13 August 2010