Independent report

AAIB Record-only investigations November - December 2019

This is a list of AAIB Record-only investigations that were reviewed during November and December 2019.



When an accident or incident is reported to the AAIB it can be classified as a Formal, Field, Correspondence or Record Only investigation. Further information regarding the first three types of investigation can be found on our How we investigate page.

An occurrence that is classified as being ‘Record Only’ is one that if investigated fully has little likelihood of identifying new safety lessons that will advance aviation safety.

This process of gathering and analysis of information is being carried out initially by the Duty Co-ordinator from the notification and will make a conclusion to ‘record only’ if there is enough information in order to analyse and draw a conclusion. If there is not enough information at notification stage, then a form is sent to the pilot in order to gather more information for analysis and a decision on whether a fuller investigation is needed.

The occurrence details are reviewed and recorded in tabular format and published bimonthly online and in the October, December, February, April, June and August Bulletins.

Details of previous record-only investigations can be found on the Record-only investigations page.

Published 13 February 2020