Research and analysis

A review of the longitudinal study of young people in England

This review aimed to find improvements to the design of the LSYPE and make recommendations to meet the needs of any future cohorts.



This report is the outcome of a balanced and independent review of the first longitudinal study of young people in England (LSYPE) cohort conducted by NatCen. The aim of the review is to suggest improvements to the design and make recommendations so that, should a valuable second cohort take place, it can inform policy and meet the needs of all potential users.

The LSYPE is a unique study, in that it follows the transitions of a representative cohort of young people in England into adulthood.

The review draws on the expertise of a number of specialists including academics, senior analysts, survey methodologists, statisticians, communications and policy specialists, as well as young people themselves. A variety of methods were used to undertake this review, including desk research, quantitative analysis, depth interviews, telephone interviews and focus groups.

Published 28 October 2010