Research and analysis

Longitudinal study of young people in England: cohort 2, wave 2

Research into the health and wellbeing of 14-year-olds living in England.



A summary of responses from a sample of young people involved in the second ‘Longitudinal study of young people in England’ (LSYPE2).

The research covers their:

  • final years of compulsory education
  • further education, training, employment and other activities
  • career paths

The report on bullying sets out bullying rates in year 10 in 2014 and covers:

  • name calling
  • social exclusion
  • threats of violence
  • violence
  • robbery
  • cyberbullying

The ‘Estimates of bullying’ document shows the difference between the proportion of young people who reported bullying in the first LSYPE study (from 2005) and in LSYPE2.