A householder's planning guide for the installation of antennas (including satellite dishes)

This guide outlines the planning regulations for installing antennas in England, and includes the government's statement of good practice.

This publication was withdrawn on

Archived and replaced by the new planning practice guidance launched 6 March 2014 on an external website.



This booklet, originally published in December 2005, is an outline of the planning regulations for antennas in England, and includes the government’s statement of good practice on where to place antennas, including satellite dishes. This revised version incorporates world heritage sites into the list of Designated Areas.

This guide aims to do the following:

  • explain what the regulations say about the number and the size of antennas allowed and where they should be placed
  • offer guidance on the most appropriate places to site antennas to try to help protect our environment
  • help retailers and installers provide appropriate advice and service to you on where to place antennas
Published 15 November 2012