A better deal for bus users

How £220 million of funding will be used to implement improvements to buses.



Buses are an affordable, accessible transport choice, reducing congestion, improving air quality and bringing economic benefits to the places they serve.

Buses account for over 50% of all journeys on public transport, with over 4 billion journeys made by bus last year in England. For more people to use the bus, services need to take people where they want to go, be reliable, arrive on time, and offer good value for money. The government is committed to achieving this.

The Chancellor announced over £200 million to transform bus services in the Spending Round for 2020/21. This guidance summarises how this funding, and associated policies, will be used to implement ambitious proposals, including:

  • a Superbus network pilot to be introduced across Cornwall in 2020
  • over £20 million for new bus express lanes in the West Midlands
  • a digital revolution including contactless payments on all buses
  • a plan for Britain’s first all-electric bus town
  • an extra £30 million to local authorities to improve current services and restore lost services where most needed
Published 30 September 2019