Policy paper

2010 to 2015 government policy: flooding and coastal change

How we're managing the risks of flooding and coastal erosion, dealing with flood emergencies and ensuring people get a fair deal on flood insurance.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government



This policy paper shows the policy of the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government.

Find out about the current government’s policies.

Published 9 April 2013
Last updated 8 May 2015 + show all updates
  1. Policy document from the 2010 to 2015 government preserved in a different format for reference
  2. Updated the flood insurance section because the draft regulations for Flood Re have now been laid in parliament.
  3. Updated the funding flood and coastal risk management section to include the list of new and accelerated schemes.
  4. Updated number homes at risk due to coastal erosion (based on recent findings from the Environment Agency National Coastal Erosion Risk Mapping programme).
  5. Minor change to show that the government response to the Flood Re insurance consultation has been published.
  6. Funding flood and coastal erosion risk management updated to include details of funding for the next 6 years.
  7. Flood insurance section updated, we are now consulting on Flood Re regulations.
  8. Updated as the Water Act 2014 has become law following Royal Assent to the Water Bill.
  9. Updated to link to new flood risk management plans guidance.
  10. Funding flood and coastal erosion risk management authorities section updated.
  11. Updated information on funding flood and coastal erosion risk management
  12. Flood maps section updated to reflect that Environment Agency have published new maps showing flood risk at: http://maps.environment-agency.gov.uk/wiyby/wiybyController?ep=maptopics&lang=_e
  13. Details of amendments to the Water Bill added
  14. Updated the text within Making sure people get a fair deal on flood insurance to inform public that the consultation response will be posted shortly.
  15. Added link to guidance on flood risk management plans on EA website.
  16. Updated to reflect the agreement on flood insurance
  17. Minor text change to the insurance section.
  18. Added link to pub version of funding document
  19. First published.