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17011 Case resolution directorate

How many caseworkers are there in CRTS 8 at the moment? (a) The contact details of the team manager or email How many legacy cases…


  1. How many caseworkers are there in CRTS 8 at the moment?

(a) The contact details of the team manager or email

  1. How many legacy cases have been allocated to this team by the case resolution directorate and with what criteria?

  2. How many cases has this team resolved so far?

(a) What’s the current rate for solving?

  1. Of the resolved cases, how many were grants of leave to remain?

  2. How many cases are still pending and how long will it take to solve them?

We released the following information on 22 December 2010

  1. The size of teams has changed during the course of the Legacy Programme as the process has evolved.  There are currently 10 caseworkers in CRTS 8.  The case resolution directorate (CRD) underwent restructuring and employed additional administrative staff in separate teams, who enable the case workers to focus on decision making and increase case conclusions.

(a)The case owner of CRT S 8 is Mr Ghulam Farooq.  He can be contacted directly at CRT S 8, PO Box 1816, Croydon, CR9 2WY or via e-mail at
2. CRTS 8 currently has an allocation of around 6,162 Home Office files.  The criteria of these cases being dealt with by CRD are all of the unresolved cases involving asylum applicants that are not being processed by the regional asylum teams, meaning the majority of cases lodged with the Agency before March 2007.

3. CRTS 8 have concluded 4,545 cases up to the end of November 2010.  This includes cases that the team concluded prior to their recent structural change.

(a) The rate at which cases resolve will vary throughout the life of the programme.  The team’s target is that the remaining cases within their cohort are reviewed by summer 2011.  We are confident that the team will do this by the summer of 2011 or sooner.

  1. 3,121 cases were granted leave to remain in the United Kingdom.

5. We have previously estimated that there are around 400,000 to 450,000 electronic and paper records which need resolving, although this is difficult to assess accurately as many case records are dependants, duplicates or errors.  This figure does not therefore equate to actual numbers of asylum applicants.  Due to the nature of the cases concluded we are unable to provide you with an accurate figure on the number of cases remaining within the backlog. 

Up to the end of September 2010, CRD had concluded 334,500 cases. We are still on course to conclude the cases by summer 2011 or earlier.

Published 22 December 2010