Strategy, Policy & Communications Director

Lynette Rose


Lynette joined DVLA in 1989. She worked in a number of roles across the agency before taking on the Strategy, Policy & Communications Director role in March 2018.


Lynette holds a BA Hons in English and American studies from the University of Wales (Swansea).


Lynette is a career civil servant. She has spent the last 15 years working on a range of policy and legislative changes, including high profile initiatives to modernise services such as abolition of the driving licence counterpart and the vehicle tax disc. She has also supported the development of DVLA’s strategy.

Previous to this, she worked in a number of roles across the agency which included a key role in delivering cultural change, programme management and corporate services.

Strategy, Policy & Communications Director

The Strategy and Policy Director has responsibility for the DVLA business strategy and for policy development as well as internal and external communications. The Strategy and Policy Directorate is responsible for the development of the DVLA business strategy and for creating sound policies for delivering excellent services to DVLA customers. It’s also responsible for advising ministers honestly, impartially and objectively to allow them to make informed choices about DVLA strategy and policy, using evidence and understanding of the practical implications of delivery.

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Previous roles in government

  • Interim Strategy, Policy & Communications Director